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Hilti and Trackunit team up to digitise construction equipment

by Sion Geschwindt
Hilti and Trackunit team up to digitise construction tools & equipment

Hilti and Trackunit have announced a strategic partnership focused on bringing global scale to the tool and equipment connectivity domain.

The partnership will enable construction equipment provider Hilti to strengthen its ON!Track solution, while enriching the Trackunit’s SaaS-based IoT platform with additional tool-related data.

Data insights are now being made available across the two platforms in real time, so tools registered in Hilti’s ON!Track system can be viewed on the Trackunit platform, and heavy machinery equipped with Trackunit hardware can be viewed in ON!Track.

The partnership also seeks to expand the growing network of Trackunit devices, providing increased connectivity around the globe through advanced Bluetooth technology. This enables the construction industry to detect tags on smaller tools and equipment, capture insights from tool and equipment data and offer an integrated customer experience across platforms.

‘A new digitalisation frontier in construction’

Michael Neidow, EVP at Hilti and head of the Tool Services Business Unit, said: “Connectivity is rapidly changing our industry. Through this unique partnership, we are excited to leverage our joint expertise to also further connect tools, machinery and service vans around construction sites in the near future – ultimately providing customers with innovative and integrated solutions that improve productivity and profitability.”

The partnership is a joint ambition to eliminate downtime in the industry. It also marks a new digitalisation frontier in construction focusing on tools and equipment.

Soeren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit, commented: “By partnering with global market leader Hilti, we can further realise the collective digital business transformation of our industry.

“Together, we are uniquely positioned to help customers unlock insights from light equipment and tools, providing ample opportunity in decision-making, efficiency and continuous learning.

“The partnership goes way beyond standard ISO feeds and builds deep integration where data insights are now being made available across the two platforms in real time. The integration will deliver a standardised and stronger customer experience out of the box – eliminating the need for custom configuration and expensive IT integrations.”

Further announcements about the partnership will be made in the coming 24 months.

Image credit: Trackunit

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