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How digital snagging tools improve communication

by Sion Geschwindt
What role does the construction industry play in building a sustainable future? Sjoerd Springer, Account Manager at Ed Controls, explores.

Looking for digital tools to improve your construction business? From clear messaging to real-time updates, Ed Controls explores the communication benefits that digital snagging tools offer construction firms

Communication in the construction industry is vital to delivering successful projects from inception to completion.

Implementing digital tools such as Ed Controls is proven to improve communication within a team, boost synergy across various departments, lead to positive collaboration, and result in a positive customer experience for the client.

With Covid-19 forcing construction firms to modernise their day-to-day processes, businesses across the globe are rapidly moving towards platforms that offer real-time, cloud-powered digital ways of working.

Hugely beneficial for several roles associated with the construction industry, digital snagging tools such as Ed Controls are known to improve communications for architects looking to express creative ideas, engineers coordinating key measurements, and stakeholders spreading financial budgets.

So, let us dive deep into some of the improved communication benefits that firms enjoy after applying digital snagging tools to their daily processes.

Real-time communication

With instant communication platforms such as Ed Controls, users can view colleagues’ availability; an incredibly helpful feature when certain jobs require an immediate response or if you are working from a large site.

Whether it is managing unforeseen circumstances, quickly resolving client dissatisfaction, or allocating new tasks, digital snagging tools are universally seen as a great investment for construction businesses looking to modernise their processes – both for the short and long term.

Here is what project coordinator, Ferry Lelieveld, said after Ed Controls was introduced on the multi-million pound, award-winning Naturalis Biodiversity Centre project in Leiden, the Netherlands:

“They introduced Ed Controls to this project. Some fifty construction professionals used Ed Controls daily during construction.

“Thanks to Ed Controls, the communication between them went very well and the failure costs remained low.”


Forbes recently reported that 35% of industry costs are accounted for by material waste and remedial work, making it vital for firms to implement processes that are transparent for both managers and stakeholders.

Thanks to Ed Controls’ ability to seamlessly collect data, firms are now able to highlight the progress of a project to involved parties.

Digital tools can facilitate the monitoring of the project and more importantly, dramatically reduce the risk of poor resource allocation as well as forecast any potential financial losses.

Reduced paper trail

It is widely known that a team is successful when communication is clear, consistent, and efficient. Outdated mediums such as paper documents and emails are easily lost, misconstrued, or forgotten.

By using digital snagging systems such as Ed Controls, users can instantly update project information and communicate it to the entire team in real-time without needing to print paper or spend time logging-in to email platforms.

Highly effective and used by a wide variety of businesses within the construction industry, Ed Controls supplies firms with an efficient project management tool thanks to their state-of-the-art digital system.

What once involved mountains of paperwork and countless emails is now streamlined into one user-friendly app. Ed Controls makes all the necessary information available to the right people: clearly, quickly, and on any device.

Project management tools like Ed Controls monitor quality from the beginning of a project while simultaneously saving time. Any action points are immediately directed to the right person, meaning firms can avoid problems from piling up just before the completion of the project and insightful decisions can be actioned.

Build in Digital stakeholder Ed Controls is a no-nonsense snagging and project management tool. With Ed Controls, you will work pleasantly and efficiently with colleagues and project partners. Snagging, defect management and quality control is straightforward. Get a clear overview of what needs to be done to make your project a success. Smart, fast, simple.

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