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How P1 Solutions adopted SymTerra for streamlined project documentation

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How P1 Solutions adopted SymTerra for streamlined project documentation

SymTerra discusses how P1 Solutions, a construction and maintenance company in Scotland, significantly enhanced project documentation and commercial defensibility through the successful implementation of SymTerra’s digital project management platform

P1 Solutions, a multi-specialist construction and maintenance company based in Leith, Scotland, handles a wide range of projects across Scotland and northern England.

They required a solution for effectively documenting their extensive works to enhance commercial defensibility and efficiency.


To address these needs, P1 Solutions turned to SymTerra, a digital project management platform.

Richard McMonagle, director of P1 Solutions, said: “We have been looking for platform for some years now to try and digitise our business and get accurate information from site to the office in real time.

“The other platforms we looked at either didn’t fit with what we do or were that expensive we couldn’t justify the costs. SymTerra has been fantastic for us a business and the flow of information from site to office has improved tenfold.

“Having all the information in one place for each contract is already proving invaluable and allowing us to record our work is compliant with ease.”

SymTerra’s SmartNotes feature, which allows quick photo posting and easy form filling, was integrated into P1 Solutions’ workflow.

The teams were able to rapidly adopt SymTerra due to its user-friendly interface, marking a seamless transition from traditional methods to the new digital platform.

Key achievements

Adopting SymTerra led to significant improvements in P1 Solutions’ project documentation and commercial defensibility:

  • Rapid Adoption: The intuitive design of SymTerra meant that teams were able to quickly embrace and utilise the platform
  • Increased Efficiency: The SymTerra platform allowed P1 Solutions to document and evidence their works quickly and effectively, greatly enhancing their efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced Commercial Defensibility: By using SymTerra’s SmartNotes, P1 Solutions was able to comprehensively document their projects, providing essential support for commercial defensibility


P1 Solutions’ swift and successful implementation of SymTerra underscores the platform’s potential for enhancing project documentation and commercial defensibility in the construction and maintenance sector.

The company’s experience demonstrates the value of adopting digital solutions in the industry and the significant advantages they can offer in terms of efficiency and project oversight.

Build in Digital Stakeholder SymTerra is a construction site management software firm that provides a simple, instant and integrated method for the entire supply chain of any project to communicate, collaborate and capture vital information at the point of work.

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