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HS2 signs deal to research and develop low-carbon concrete

by Samiyah Mokaddus
deal for low carbon concrete

HS2 Ltd has signed an agreement with the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) that will provide access to leading research capabilities, knowledge, and facilities.

The agreement will identify key areas for collaboration on low-carbon concrete, such as alternative reinforcement methods, reducing embedded carbon in production, and re-use of materials.

HS2 Ltd’s agreement with the UKCRIC allows the project to draw on key centres of British academic excellence to help drive new insight and technologies across the broad range of disciplines involved in building affordable, low-carbon, modern infrastructure.

The agreement will also allow the 15 academic institutions involved to put forward research findings that could be used within the project.

Commenting on the collaboration, Andrew Pestana, innovation strategy manager at HS2, said: “HS2 is a major opportunity for Britain’s university and business sectors to collaborate at the leading edge of innovation to meet the challenge of delivering Britain’s new high speed rail network.

“The project’s size and 20-year delivery programme provides the perfect environment in which to develop solutions for High Speed 2 and the wider rail industry – both of which are crucial in helping Britain’s transport network to decarbonise.”

Sergio Cavalaro, skills lead for UKCRIC, said: “With this agreement, we will promote collaborations between HS2 and UKCRIC partners aimed at answering the myriad of challenges that must be addressed in the project.

“This ambitious and comprehensive endeavour acknowledges the complementary roles of research and training in providing the know-how to address such challenges while developing the research-minded experts and embedding the skills that will enable continued progress in and beyond HS2.”

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