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Hyundai unveils ‘metamobility’ concept at CES 2022

by Sion Geschwindt
Metamobility hyundai

Hyundai has unveiled ‘metamobility’, a new concept which combines mobility with robotics and virtual reality, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Metamobility aims to create a smart device-metaverse connection that will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality, ultimately allowing people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space.

Hyundai looks to leverage its growing expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence to build out a future mobility network that links human beings in the real world with objects and tasks in the virtual world.

Having recently acquired Boston Dynamics, the car manufacturer has sharpened its focus on connecting advanced robotics to mobility solutions. 

Metamobility could allow the user to guide a robot in the real world, such as in a smart factory (Credit: Hyundai).

Euisun Chung, the Group’s executive chair, said during his presentation: “At Hyundai, we are harnessing the power of robotics to achieve great things.

“We envision future mobility solutions made possible by advanced robotics — even expanding our mobility solutions to Metamobility.”

Hyundai expects that cars will serve as smart devices to access virtual spaces, like meeting rooms, while robotics will act as a medium to connect the virtual and real worlds. This metaverse-robot connection will allow the user to guide a robot in the real world, remotely.

Hyundai Motor Group president and head of transportation-as-a-service division Chang Song explained: “The idea behind Metamobility is that space, time, and distance will all become irrelevant. By connecting robots to the metaverse, we will be able to move freely between both the real world and virtual reality.”

Hyundai also revealed its Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) modular platforms. These concepts are designed to enable traditionally inanimate things, from small objects to community spaces, to move autonomously.

Image credit: Hyundai

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