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IES, SSE deploy digital twins to curb emissions

by Sion Geschwindt

Glasgow-based climate tech company, IES, has partnered with SSE Energy Solutions in a bid to help decarbonise the built environment.

IES’ digital twin technology will now enable SSE to effectively model and demonstrate energy use and various engineering options to its clients before breaking ground.

Combined with advanced data analytics and IES’ digital twin technology, SSE can offer clients the opportunity to visualise, control, generate, and trade energy flexibly, it said.

Don McLean, founder and CEO of IES, commented: “As a company, our key priority is to look at how we can decarbonise our built environment to curb the impact of climate change and improve the lives of people across the world.

“Our Digital Twin software is key to this and allows us to effectively work with other organisations to achieve this faster – we all know there is no time to waste.

“Working with SSE Energy Solutions as a leading energy provider and sustainable property advocate is an excellent partnership in achieving this mission and we hope our continued work together will amplify these climate solutions and make a meaningful difference in the race to net-zero.”

IES is currently developing a cityscape digital twin which will integrate with SSE’s augmented reality platform to demonstrate potential energy usage and savings, data flow, grid strengths and weaknesses, energy flow, water flow, and net-zero priorities.

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Nathan Sanders, managing director of SSE Energy Solutions, Distributed Energy, said: “Data is key to unlocking the potential for decarbonising heat, transport and power in all large-scale distributed energy and infrastructure projects.

“To be able to visualise carbon savings and efficiencies before we break ground and commit to new designs, ownership plans or operational agreements allows us to work with our clients on delivering a whole system that will be fit for the future.

“Our partnership with IES has proven extremely valuable in supporting both feasibility studies, funding and investment decisions and whole systems decarbonisation with a number of clients.”

IES and SSE came together for COP26 last year to create an immersive exhibition of iconic Glaswegian buildings, highlighting potential net-zero solutions using IES’s proprietary digital twin technology.

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