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Insulation firm counts emissions savings with real-time display

by Mark Cantrell
Pearl’s CO2 savings digital progress counter

If nothing else, it’s certainly one way to plug products, but Pearl Group is also aiming to make a serious point – and a call to action – with the installation of a real-time digital carbon counter near its Dubai HQ.

The polyurethane (PU) solutions company has installed the digital counter to make a public show of the CO2 savings it claims can be achieved through the use of its PU insulation systems. The company says the move is part of its commitment to achieve global climate neutrality through promoting the widespread insulation of residential and industrial buildings.

Pearl says it is about “educating the market”. The company aims to “inspire the entire industry and stakeholders” to take “decisive action” in reducing carbon emissions globally.

The new digital counter is strategically located in Dubai near the organisation’s headquarters, providing real-time data on the CO2 emissions allegedly saved by adopting Pearl’s insulation products.

The company says the CO2 emissions reduction has been evaluated and certified by the independent inspection services provided by TÜV Rheinland, based in Germany.

Martin Kruczinna, chief executive of Pearl Group, said: “This display is more than just a board; it is a reminder of the powerful solution insulation materials represent. It is also an obligation to all of us, including the entire insulation industry and decision makers, that now is the time to take action and tighten building codes to avoid thermal energy waste and unnecessary CO2 emissions. The impact of global warming is clearly visible, and there is no time to waste.”

The displayed statistics claim that since the year 2000, insulation systems produced and sold by Pearl, have saved around 54.1bn kWh over their product lifespan. This translates to a reduction of 20.3bn kilogrammes of CO2, which is the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from consuming 47.6m barrels of oil or running 53 wind turbines for 100 years.

Pearl says the basis of these calculations included detailed life cycle assessments, and considered a 15% decline in property performance over time, “ensuring” the data reflects “realistic and sustainable impacts”.

Kruczinna added: “Based on the Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction, buildings account for roughly 30% of global CO2 emissions. Up to half of these emissions can be avoided through proper insulation.

“Customers can actively participate in mitigating climate change by opting for polyurethane insulation products, such as sandwich panels, spray foam, or insulation boards, that have been certified to reduce C)2 emissions. This encourages a shift towards sustainable practices in the construction industry, where each decision contributes to a collective effort to combat global warming.”

Main image: Pearl’s CO2 savings digital progress counter

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