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iOffice + SpaceIQ launches digital twin tool to boost building performance

by Sion Geschwindt
iOffice + SpaceIQ launches digital twin tool to boost building performance

iOffice + SpaceIQ, a US-based workplace technology company, has announced the release of BIM Viewer, which will leverage digital twins to optimise the operational performance of buildings.

BIM Viewer enhances 3D BIM models with asset, operations, and space data, allowing asset and maintenance managers to quickly explore where their assets are, how they connect, which areas need attention, and how they impact the building and the business.

By reducing the knowledge gaps that occur in the handover from construction to operations, the firm says that BIM Viewer can help businesses run their facilities and equipment as intended, ultimately contributing to a lower carbon future. 

Last year, iOffice + SpaceIQ announced a strategic investment by Autodesk to enhance the integration between Autodesk’s BIM platform and Archibus, iOffice + SpaceIQ’s integrated workplace management system.

Digital twins

The firm says the release of BIM Viewer marks a major step forward for digital transformation initiatives in the “historically fragmented” building lifecycle.

The tool aims to address several key challenges companies face when considering the implementation of digital twins, including difficulty with integration, overall system complexity, and the time and cost of building out the digital twin.

The Archibus BIM Viewer uses Autodesk Forge APIs to render BIM models stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud or Autodesk Build, speeding the set-up process and significantly reducing the time it takes to train operations teams to use the technology.

Brandon Holden, chief executive officer of iOffice + SpaceIQ, said: “BIM Viewer will ease the challenges many users have faced when adopting and deploying digital twin strategies, enabling companies to get up to speed on digital twin technology faster — with less complexity and quicker implementation.”

According to a recent Microsoft report, the adoption of digital twins has lagged behind other digital investments due to difficulties with integration and internal skill gaps.

iOffice + SpaceIQ is the result of a merger that took place in 2021 between iOFFICE and SpaceIQ.

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