Israeli startup Firmus raises $4.5m for pre-construction AI software

Firmus CEO and co-founder Shir Abecasis

Israel-based pre-construction AI and computer vision startup, Firmus, has raised $4.5m in seed funding.

The company says that the fresh funding will help to bring data-driven decision-making capabilities and AI-based risk management to the early stages of construction projects.

Firmus’ work applies “advanced computer vision techniques” to look at construction blueprints and other documents, to help find design issues like missing or incorrect information which often lead to inaccurate pricing estimates, onsite reworks, delays, scheduling conflicts, and legal issues.

Shir Abecasis, CEO at Firmus, said: “Implementing any design into construction carries risks for all project stakeholders.

“Firmus is here to change that by empowering contractors to effectively assess design completeness, correctness, and readiness for construction, so they can bid and build with confidence.”

Abecasis has over 20 years of combined experience between her and CTO Reuven Amar.

Meanwhile, Travis Putnam, co-founder and managing partner of Navitas Capital, which co-led the seed funding round, said the team had been “incredibly talented.” He said the AI and computer vision tech had been working on reducing risk.

“Through an automated approach, FIRMUS delivers tangible value to customers via more efficient construction processes and improved project outcomes,” he added.

Image: Firmus CEO and co-founder Shir Abecasis (credit: NITZAN GOOR)

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