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Italian start-up launches solar roofing tile for building-integrated PV apps

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Solar roofing tiles

Italian start-up EnergyGlass, a branch of PV system supplier GruppoSTG, has developed a solar tile to replace conventional roofs or for integration into existing rooftops. 

The building integrated PV (BIPV) products are fabricated with 4mm, double-laminated safety glass to improve durability.

Commenting on the new product line, GruppoSTG Technical Director, Sofia Tiozzo Pezzoli, said: “Slides, brackets, and drains placed on the back enable an easy and quick installation, and the colour of the front glass can be customised depending on the project.

“The tiles are produced in a way that integrates the stratification of the safety glass with interposed photovoltaic cells.”

The tiles are available in three different variants, designed for rooftop coatings, solar facades, and shelters. 

Going forward, EnergyGlass look to keep refining their technology and expand market reach. 

Pezzoli added: “The company is currently investing in more R&D and the commercialization of new BIPV solutions through new strategic partnerships.”

Image: EnergyGlass

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