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Japanese start-up shares plans for ‘floating city’ with medicine at heart

by Liam Turner
CGI rendering of N-Ark's proposed floating city

Japanese firm N-ARK has announced plans for a floating city as part of a wider ambition to create a new oceanic economic space.

Dogen City will be 1.58 km in diameter and roughly four km in circumference.

There will be a particular focus on medicine and health, with healthcare data analytics and pharmaceutical research included among proposed activities.

In addition to Dogen City, N-Ark aims to launch the New Ocean Consortium, a joint business of industry, academia, and government that integrates various industries, technologies, and laws and regulations toward the realisation of New Ocean.

N-ARK says it is working with Hamamatsu City, Hamana Fisheries Cooperative Association, Shimizu Corporation Frontier Development Office, and more on the project.

The firm plans to build a Green Ocean demonstration machine for the Lake Hamana Flower Expo in March 2024.

Data centres will be stored inside the city’s floats

Building New Ocean

Through private innovation, N-Ark hopes to turn the ocean into a new economic zone and create a resilient ocean economic zone against climate change.

In order to realise New Ocean, N-Ark says it is necessary to deliver three components:

  • The Maritime Mi-Byo City – An independent decentralised maritime city with the ability to adapt to climate change
  • An ‘ocean constellation’ – With the aim of speeding up the marine data infrastructure, the constellation of underwater edge data centres is expected to contribute to the development of the marine business
  • Connect the sea and space – Taking advantage of the location on the sea, a new tourism industry that connects space, the sea, and the ground will be developed as a launch and landing site for rocket-transportation services

Main image: CGI rendering of N-Ark’s proposed floating city

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