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Joyce Groundwork commits to better mental health support for construction workers

by Samiyah Mokaddus
One of the areas that the study reveals needs more attention is training on mental health for leadership at the company and project levels.

Joyce Groundwork, a construction company based in Surrey, has become the latest company to formally pledge support to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

Lighthouse, the leading charity in the UK and Ireland, provides emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. 

Joyce Groundwork’s yearly donation will help fund the 24/7 Construction Helpline and supporting app, which provides those in crisis with confidential advice on wellbeing issues. 

As well as crisis support, Lighthouse also provides a wide variety of free wellbeing training courses, such as the Mental Health First Aider qualification.

Joyce Groundwork, a 28-year-old family-built construction company based in the south-east of England, says it is passionate about nurturing young construction talent.

The company has taken on many young employees starting out in the industry and taught them the trades needed to progress in their careers. 

Martin Joyce, director and founder of Joyce Groundwork, said: “We have always been passionate about enhancing the wider construction industry and pride ourselves on supporting our employees.

“We know that not all construction workers receive good support, and many can struggle with their wellbeing.

“Lighthouse does such great work to make the future of construction a better place, and we are delighted to be supporting their vision and helping fund all the great work they do.”

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