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Komatsu launches Smart Construction Drone toolkit

by Sion Geschwindt
Komatsu launches Smart Construction Drone toolkit

Komatsu has announced it will integrate its Smart Construction Drones into its suite of job site technologies to help contractors gather and analyse data throughout the project lifecycle.

The drones join Komatsu’s Smart Construction solutions, a set of applications designed to help builders better manage projects remotely and in near real time.

Komatsu’s Smart Construction Drone survey technology eases the collection of accurate topographical data, capturing quantities for production tracking and billing without having workers walk the job site to do a manual survey, the company says.

Contractors can gather and analyse data throughout each project phase with topographic surveys that incorporate hundreds of thousands of data points.

With the capability to take still photos from over 100m in the air, the Smart Construction Drone can be used for pre-job verification or to keep stakeholders up-to-date.

The Smart Construction Drone pairs with Komatsu’s dashboard that collates data from multiple sources into one comprehensive view.

The dashboard combines 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data to let contractors confirm quantities and visualise job site progress.

Kevin Hawkinson, vice president of operations at AW Oakes & Son who uses Komatsu’s Smart Construction Dashboard, said: “When the Smart Construction group came in, they integrated everything together, and the transition felt seamless.

“Now, we can take the data, transfer it to the machines, get data back from the machines to the office, and utilize all of that information across the board for bidding, customer reference, and billing.”

Image credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock

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