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KP Acoustics unveils noise & vibration monitoring device

by Sion Geschwindt
KP Acoustics unveil new noise & vibration monitoring device

Acoustics consultancy and environmental monitoring expert, KP Acoustics Group, is unveiling its new noise and vibration monitoring device at London Build 2021 today.

The eNView environmental noise and vibration monitoring device sets a ‘new industry standard’, the company said.

The robust, lightweight, and user-friendly monitoring solution combines real-time noise and vibration monitoring equipment into one device, boasting plug and play usability.

The eNView device (Credit: KP Acoustics Group)

Dr Kyriakos Papanagiotou, founder of KP Acoustics Group and the innovator behind eNView, said: “It has been a year like no other for KP Acoustics Group.

“In June we became the only acoustics consultancy to offer our own research and development capability in-house and now we’re launching eNView, the paradigm shift in technology in environmental monitoring.

“We’re transforming the industry and London Build is the perfect environment for the much-anticipated launch.

Construction, demolition, health and safety, highways, and mining are just some of the sectors that eNView is perfect for.”

KP Acoustics Group is also showcasing its extended services offering in each of its three divisions: KP Acoustics, KP Monitoring, and KP Acoustics Research Labs.

The company recently expanded, continuing to offer its full range of acoustic consultancy services, alongside a separate division for environmental monitoring and its very own in-house research, development, and education capability.

Image: Air Images/Shutterstock

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