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Lathams launches carbon calculator at Futurebuild 2022

by Sion Geschwindt
Lathams launches carbon calculator at Futurebuild 2022

Today, at Futurebuild 2022, James Latham Ltd (Lathams) has officially launched its new carbon calculator specification tool.

Developed in partnership with the University of Bangor, the Lathams Carbon Calculator has been designed to help architects and designers better understand the sustainability of the materials they specify.

Trialled amongst Lathams’ customers over the past three months, it is already assisting them in selecting the most suitable, sustainable option to meet their respective project requirements.

It is also giving specifiers assurance that the information they receive relating to a product’s carbon credentials is reliable, from sourcing the raw materials to selection and delivery.

The Carbon Calculator is a back-end tool, designed to achieve transparency and give specifiers confidence when selecting for sustainability.

Built using official, publicly available data and manufacturer product information, the calculator collates and aggregates the environmental impact of a chosen material, according to carbon footprint, embodied carbon and data confidence.

Once evaluated, the product receives a confidence rating from 1-4 (one being the best). The lower the score, the higher the availability and quality of data points reviewed.

The final rating, including carbon data, is then added to quotations, invoices, delivery notes, and other key documentation, delivering a tangible, codified proof point.

Commenting on the official launch of the Carbon Calculator at the show, Ewa Bazydlo, Environmental Manager at Lathams, said: “We feel that this is the latest milestone in an exciting journey towards low-carbon specification across the entire building, construction and design community.

“By providing a methodology through which the value of sustainability information and certification can be holistically appreciated, we’re increasing confidence amongst architects and designers that they are making the greenest choice possible, in line with the requirements of their project brief.”

Image credit: Kiss House

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