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Mammoet takes delivery of its first electric crane

by Mark Cantrell
Mammoet has taken delivery of its very first electric zero emissions hydraulic crane

The very first electric hydraulic crane has been added to Mammoet’s fleet to expand the company’s portfolio of zero emissions equipment.

The company has taken delivery of a Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E. According to Mammoet, the crane’s lifting movements can be powered electrically with full performance, generating zero emissions on site.

Heavy construction projects across all industry sectors are seeking to reduce the carbon impact of their operations, to meet strict regulatory requirements and contribute towards 2030 climate targets.

As one of the world’s largest engineered heavy lifting and transport company, Mammoet is has set itself to the task of leading sustainability efforts.

This work has seen it use the world’s first electric self-propelled modular transporter, to make that solution deployable at scale, the electric SK crane series, electric skidding options and much more.

The company says the addition of the Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E is another “significant step” towards reducing whole-project carbon emissions for all its customers.

Peter van Oostrom, global projects and assets director at Mammoet, said: “Cranes in the 50 tonne range are ideal to serve as a test bed for innovative technologies, as such equipment is at work around the clock for Mammoet.

“This allows us to offer new technologies to the largest possible number of customers, and for it to be put through its paces, demonstrating its viability in live industrial environments quickly.”

The crane can be plugged into a 32A-rated, 63A-rated or 125A-rated supply on site, and so there is no limitation to the number of working hours it can deliver, as would be the case with battery power.

As it is electric, noise during operation is reduced to an absolute minimum, improving safety on site.

The crane will enter Mammoet’s fleet in the Netherlands, working on a variety of projects in the civil and energy sectors.

All lifting operations will be delivered via electric power, and to get from site to site the crane is fully compatible with HVO fuel products, which offer a 90% reduction in CO2 compared to diesel.

“The crane will complement our existing mobile fleet, offering customers that wish reduce the carbon impact of lifting an attractive option,” van Oostrom added. “It will also provide Mammoet with greater flexibility when taking on jobs in small physical spaces; particularly indoors, where its zero emission capability is particularly important.”

Main image: Official handover of the new Mammoet LTC 1050-3.1E

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