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Manufacturer uses tech innovation to ‘brick up’ carbon

by Mark Cantrell
Finnish materials startup Aisti raises €1.6m for 'carbon negative' tiles

A construction products company has launched a range of bricks it says locks waste carbon dioxide within their structure during the manufacturing process.

Marshalls Bricks & Masonry has manufactured the concrete facing bricks using a carbon sequestration technology – known as CarbonCure – at its site in Grove, Wales.

This technology injects waste CO2 directly into the concrete mix during production; said to have no negative impact on the performance or durability of the brick.

As a result, the CO2 becomes mineralised and permanently locked into the brick, preventing its release into the atmosphere, even upon demolition. The company has estimated that the use of CarbonCure at the Grove site will remove approximately 30,000kg of CO2 annually.

Mike Edwards, head of sustainability at Marshalls, said: “We became the UK’s first pre-cast concrete manufacturer to adopt CarbonCure processes back in 2022 and, following a number of successful trials, we began applying the technology to existing ranges last year.

“Glenwall is our first new facing brick range to contain locked-in carbon; it’s bringing more choice to the market both in terms of aesthetics and sustainable options.”

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