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Mobility startup Wejo launches new traffic intelligence solution

by Sion Geschwindt
Mobility startup Wejo launches new real-time traffic intelligence solution

Wejo Group, provider of software solutions for electric and autonomous vehicles, has announced the launch of its new real-time traffic intelligence solution – Wejo RTTI.

According to the startup, headquartered in Manchester, the new solution can provide a holistic view of traffic conditions and safety incidents on roads using aggregated data derived from millions of connected vehicles.

This service enables quick detection of changing traffic conditions, identification of road closures and unexpected slowdowns situations, the company said.

Richard Barlow, Founder & CEO of Wejo., said: “Wejo has always been at the forefront of making connected vehicle data available to all – now we are doing the same for real-time traffic information to help our customers understand, anticipate, and respond to what is happening on roads and highways.

“Wejo RTTI can empower our customers to shape the future of transport and road safety to drive the future of smart mobility, smart cities and smart living.”  

Graeme Sandieson, SVP Product Management for Wejo, added: “Traffic and transportation agencies, as well as government departments, can utilise powerful intelligent real-time aggregated data and insights from millions of connected cars to help accurately visualise traffic patterns, queuing vehicles, safety hotspots and road incidents as they happen.

“Monitoring the performance of road networks can reduce congestion, improve accident response time, and secure the mobility needs of the community.”

Image credit: Iteris/Wejo

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