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Modulous further expands ‘world-class’ team with new head of Building Technology

by Liam Turner
matt cross smith, head of building technology, modulous

Modulous has appointed built environment expert Matt Cross Smith as it continues to grow its pool of talent.

The digital construction specialist has named Cross Smith as its new head of Building Technology.

Modulous continues to recruit industry leaders to deliver their unique combination of proprietary software platform and precision engineered offsite manufacturing, which the company hopes will result in a streamlined process for partners, enabling high quality, sustainable homes to be delivered faster than traditional methods.

Modulous says that, due to its focus on maximising efficiencies through the application of proprietary technology, its partners can save time and money.

This allows more time to focus on delivering sustainable homes and occupant wellbeing.

Background: Matt Cross Smith

At WeWork, Cross Smith led the product research group – monitoring the performance of the physical product- to generate insights into how space is being used and how design can increase space utilisation.

By monitoring usage, it is possible to value engineer and optimise performance through re-iterating the product which results in better performance for the end-user.

Cross Smith will bring his vast experience in applying technology to deliver high quality, human-centric spaces.

Modulous’ platform will undertake calculations upfront to mitigate overheating from sunlight and solar shading to prevent overheating and ensure occupants can relax in their home.

Existing housing stock was built to retain heat due to the UK’s reputation for inclement weather, however increasingly hot summers experienced as a result of climate change will put overheating high on residents list of complaints.

HomeViews’ 2019 data indicates at least one resident mentions ventilation or heating issues on half of the reviewed developments.

Often an afterthought, the materials used within homes play a huge role in sustainability and occupier wellbeing. The fumes given off by paint or adhesive are toxic, and whilst these can be mitigated by material selection and sequencing of work, volume developers are often unable to take this into account due to profit constraints.

Modulous aims to enable healthy homes through developing in partnership with their supply chain. By centralising their supply chain, Modulous can develop to deliver better results for all involved, by minimising material wastage, reducing costs and speeding up the build process.

By developing selective partnerships with suppliers and minimising the number of sub-contractors, Modulous can ensure sustainability and flexibility are at the heart of developments.

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Modulous technology platform allows for a standard, rules-based approach to construction -whilst retaining the ability for their partners to designate a brief – which will assist in realising economies of scale, bringing down construction costs and delivering to their partners requirements.

Cross Smith will apply his experience in air quality to ensure homes are designed which will be energy efficient and comfortable for occupants.

By designing with future existing building regulations in mind, applying enhanced technology and centering around the human aspect, Modulous is going above and beyond to deliver quality homes in line with the Future Homes Standard. This minimises the risk of their partners facing a costly retrofitting bill when the Future Homes Standard is introduced.

As environmental targets get tighter and government regulation kicks in, managing the performance of your buildings as efficiently as possible is going to be vital. This requires sufficient understanding of the materials within the building and gathering of data to understand how to ensure effective building performance.

Focus on wellbeing

Chris Bone, chief executive officer at Modulous said: “The last 18 months have proven how important our homes are and the vital role they play in our wellbeing.

“Matt will bring his wealth of experience to ensure the occupier’s wellbeing is boosted by the application of innovative design, smart technologies, non-toxic materials, and energy efficiency.”

Matt Cross Smith said: “Traditionally, volume house builders have looked to build to a price point due to increasing pressure on profit margins which has resulted in poor quality homes.

“This combined with a chronic undersupply of housing means we need to get smart on future-proofing homes against upcoming changes in industry standards.

“By leveraging best practice design, innovative technology, and artificial intelligence, Modulous can reduce costs enabling our partners to focus on maximising occupiers’ wellbeing through constructing healthy, sustainable, energy efficient homes.”

Image: Matt Cross Smith, head of Building Technology, Modulous

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