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Murphy trials AI warning cameras in bid to improve worker safety

by Sion Geschwindt
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Murphy Group is trialling cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to increase worker safety on its construction sites.

The ‘AiMac’ system has been developed by Murphy Technical Services in collaboration with security and control systems specialist IMAC.

The camera warning system monitors key exclusion zones and restricted plant and people zones on sites, sounding an alarm if workers intrude on the danger zone.

This new technology can also be used to monitor other potential health and safety issues such as incorrect PPE usage and trip hazards.

The sensors have analytical and machine learning capabilities that can send valuable metadata for analysis.

They also retrieve data from a range of other sources, including traditional accident, incident, and reporting tools and weather data to anticipate incidents.

They have the potential to manage health and safety across multiple construction sites, too.

Matthew Barney, senior procurement manager at Murphy said: “This technology has the potential to play a really critical role in helping us to reduce site safety incidents and protect our colleagues.

“The ability to identify risks on site and move quickly in real time to warn of the danger is vital to helping deliver a safe environment for all our employees.

“By combining traditional health and safety methods and best practice with new technologies such as this, we will continue to deliver on our commitment to place health and safety and the very heart of our wider business.”

Image credit: Shuttershock/pixinoo

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