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Nearmap and Digital Twin Sim team up to accelerate 5G roll out

by Sion Geschwindt
Nearmap and Digital Twin Sim team up to accelerate 5G roll out

Nearmap and Digital Twin Sim have partnered to create accurate digital twins of US cities to accelerate the roll out of 5G and IoT services.

Nearmap’s automation pipeline transforms high-resolution imagery and spatial data into 3D models for city planning, construction, and urban planning. Digital Twin Sim is a telecommunication business and network modelling advisory firm. 

Nearmap’s platform will now automatically feed data into the Digital Twin Sim engine, to generate models that are constantly updated using aerial and satellite survey data.

This new approach allows Digital Twin Sim to simulate thousands of nodes in a single afternoon, whereas a manual survey would traditionally require several days to plot a single node in a 5G network, the company said.

Sameer Lalwani, co-founder at Digital Twin Sim, said: “There needs to be a single entity where the datasets from all these sources are combined and looked at holistically, but that rarely happens.”

Digital Twin Sims creates a consolidated view of data from many sources and various formats presented within a single UI.

Lalwani said they usually customise their existing code for a specific scenario and run it in Docker containers based on the size of computing needed.

Nearmap’s general manager of North America, Tony Agresta, said the company prioritises having a robust distribution of file formats that can easily be integrated with as many third-party applications as possible.

They have developed tools to translate data feeds into standard ortho-imagery (as viewed from directly above), 3D data created through photogrammetry and vector AI data.

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