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Nordic construction giant deploys Buildots’ AI tech on two projects

by Sion Geschwindt
Nordic construction giant NCC is piloting Buildots' AI models at two of its residential and commercial projects in Helsinki, Finland.

Nordic construction giant NCC is piloting Buildots‘ AI models at two of its residential and commercial projects in Helsinki, Finland.

The first is an 8,000 sq.metre residential project in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the second is a 9,000 sq.metre commercial project, Fredriksberg D, in Helsinki. NCC is the first company in Finland to introduce Buildots across the entire indoor construction phase of a project.

Using Buildots’ hardhat mounted cameras, NCC captures every detail of the construction site indoors during regular site walks. Buildots software creates a digital twin of the site so that NCC gets an accurate view of construction progress, which they can then compare with the existing BIM model.

A single source of truth

This digital method allows NCC to set realistic goals and then continuously measure performance based on real-time information.

Access to a single source of truth also means that NCC can keep track of issues without the risk of anything falling through the cracks.

Jari Valo, Head of Strategy and Project support at NCC Finland, said: “We are able to give more transparent and reliable information to our customers about the construction progression.

“Buildots supports our site digitalisation strategy, where we are seeking completely new ways of working at our construction sites.”

Nithesh Frei Nadarajah, Digital Engineer at NCC Finland, added: “Using the Buildots platform has transformed the way our site manager oversees the project.

“Instead of spending hours tracking the construction site with 2D plans and taking notes manually, we are now able to shift some of our focus to issues like safety and quality, freeing up valuable human resources.

“The introduction of technologies like Buildots into the construction industry is changing how managers approach the construction process. We are now able to achieve more in less time.”

Roy Danon, co-founder and CEO of Buildots, said: “NCC understands the power of technology in the construction space, so we are honoured that such a respected construction company chose to pilot Buildots’ digital solution on these two projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

“Working on multiple projects simultaneously while also keeping track of worksite progress can be challenging. We were able to provide NCC with a single-source-of-truth that has changed the way they can manage their projects.”

NCC Finland will continue utilising Buildots in the We Land office building project in Helsinki this year.

Image credit: Buildots

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