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Norway to trial power grid digital twin

by Liam Turner
An electricity pylon

Norwegian distribution system operator Tensio is set to undertake a six-month trial of the new Kognitwin Grid digital twin.

The trial seeks to test the digital twin to gain insights on the network to optimise operations with the new complexities brought by intermittent renewables and distributed energy resources such as electric vehicles.

Kognitwin Grid – which has been newly commercialised by Norwegian IT provider Kongsberg Digital and offered as a software as a service (SaaS) – is an outcome of the KogniGrid project to bring digitalisation to the energy system.

Commenting on the initiative, Trygve Kvernland, CEO of Tensio, said: “The six-month trial will be important for Tensio, using the last part of 2021 to utilise the full potential of Kognitwin Grid.

“Like all Norwegian [distribution system operators], Tensio faces expectations to become more efficient, simultaneously as demand for grid capacity is increasing.

“Kognitwin Grid is a new and exciting product on the market that we believe will be a useful tool towards a smarter, greener and more efficient energy system.

“With better insight, we can get better decision support, a more foresighted grid operation and better customer management.”

KogniGrid was launched in 2018 as a collaboration between Tensio, the Norwegian distributor BKK Nett, and the TSO Statnett – along with Kongsberg Digital, Microsoft, and the SINTEF research organisation.

Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital, added: “There is a pressing need for new tools that enable precise, data-driven and always-on insight into how much energy is needed when and that alert operators when there are threats to the grid.

“Digital twins allow operators to forecast grid condition, balance grids, and prevent black-outs.”

Kognitwin Grid is based on the company’s proprietary Kognifai digital platform.

Image: Lisa-S/Shutterstock

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