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Nuclear developer Oklo confirms sites for two new commercial plants in Ohio

by Liam Turner
CGI projection of one of Oklo's two new nuclear power plants in southern Ohio

Advanced nuclear fission designer and developer Oklo has signed an agreement to deliver two commercial power plants in Ohio.

Oklo’s two commercial power plants, in the southern region of the state, will provide up to 30MW of clean electric power and over 50MW of clean heating, with opportunities to expand.

The deal has been signed alongside the Southern Ohio Diversification Initiative (SODI), one of the lead partners for the Site Reuse Deployment Guidance for Advanced Reactors project.

The project was funded via a grant from the DoE Office of Nuclear Energy to support the deployment of advanced reactor technology and the use of former nuclear sites.

Commenting on the plans, Jacob DeWitte, co-founder and CEO of Oklo, said: “Oklo is accelerating our commercialisation plans with sites for two more plants confirmed, building on our commercial deployment in Idaho.”

He added: “Our business model and use of mature, demonstrated reactor technologies allow us to provide power to customers who want the reliable, clean, and affordable energy we can provide.”

Oklo obtained a site use permit from the DoE for the Idaho site at INL in 2019.

Oklo was awarded fuel for its first reactor and says it is a “leader” in advanced reactor licensing and deployment.

These plants will also help scale up the supply chain for Oklo’s plants, it says.

Oklo’s business model centers around owning and operating its power plants, which, in theory, makes it easier for customers to procure energy through power purchase agreements or similar structures.

Okla says the development of its commercial power plants will help “reinvigorate” the local communities surrounding the site, paving the way for a cleaner and more resilient energy infrastructure and long-term and high-tech economic benefits.

The site is also being evaluated for potential future manufacturing or industrial facilities.

Kevin Shoemaker, legal counsel of SODI, said: “SODI is proud to partner with Oklo and see the land developed in a way that will provide benefits to the community and the entire region.”

Image: CGI projection of one of Oklo’s two new nuclear power plants in southern Ohio Credit: Oklo

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