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Nvidia to create a digital twin of the Earth

by Sion Geschwindt
Nvidia’s to create digital twin of the earth

At last week’s GTC conference, Nvidia announced its intention to build a digital twin of planet Earth using its Omniverse platform.

Nvidia’s Earth-2 supercomputer would simulate Earth at meter-scale resolutions to forecast climate change and predict its impacts more accurately than ever before.

Existing climate simulators capture imagery of every 10 to 100 square kilometers of Earth’s surface, Nvidia said, meaning attributes within smaller areas are lost.

Nvidia’s Earth-2 would use a combination of accelerated graphical processing units, deep learning models, physics-inspired neural networks, AI supercomputers, and vast quantities of observed and model data to create a digital twins of various real-world environments.

Countries, cities, and towns can get early warnings to adapt and make infrastructures more resilient, and with more accurate predictions, people, and nations will act with more urgency, the company said.

Nvidia’s climate simulator would be supported through its Omniverse platform.

Richard Kerris, vice president of Omniverse development at Nvidia, said: “Omniverse is a real-time simulation and collaboration platform for creating physically accurate virtual worlds and digital twins to help solve some of the world’s hardest problems.”

Image credit: Nvidia

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