ORIS is a construction materials platform for a smart use of resources and low impact infrastructure.

ORIS maps advanced data on materials (geolocation, properties). Materials users have an instant view on materials close to their project. Materials suppliers increase their visibility.

Unique services are available such as a carbon footprint calculator for infrastructure projects and materials. 

Construction materials are indeed a key lever to reduce the environmental impact of infrastructure projects – and in particular on carbon emissions: 85% of carbon emissions from infrastructure are due to materials used.

Construction Materials Data Knowledge

With our services, we bring materials data knowledge to all players in infrastructure construction.

The core of our platform is an advanced construction materials database which references geolocation, properties and specifications of construction products.

Designers identify instantly what products are available around their project. Material suppliers benefit from the increased visibility of their products. All users have access to additional services such as the Transportation Analysis which calculates the cost and carbon footprint of transportation.

Facilitated by the integration of a Carbon Footprint Calculator for aggregate, concrete and asphalt products, our platform users evaluate the whole life carbon footprint of linear infrastructure projects and construction materials.

This is a unique tool provided to the infrastructure industry to achieve a complex assessment in a few clicks in a systemic manner. Intertek has issued an independent assurance statement on the methodology used to develop this tool.

Leveraging ORIS platform, we propose consulting services to the project team to perform a multi-dimensional impact assessment of a project to evaluate and optimize infrastructure designs.

Using our materials data knowledge, our team supports your project by helping you identify – in a few simple steps – alternative design options for more circular, low-carbon, resource optimized, safe, resilient and competitive infrastructure.

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