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Partnership aims to bring AI power to project planning

by Mark Cantrell
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Build environment software provider Elecosoft is looking to harness the power of AI to improve construction planning with a new partnership.

The company has teamed up with Nodes & Links, which specialises in AI project management systems, to provide – it is claimed – greater reliability and programme forecasting, with improved risk management.

As such, the two companies’ collaboration will reduce time and cost overruns and improve productivity for clients.

Elecosoft is known for its Asta Powerproject; software that provides project, portfolio and resource management, which it claims is used by 90 of the top 100 UK Main Contractors.

Now, through its partnership, the software’s files can be automatically analysed, forecasted and simulated in the Nodes & Links AI platform, vastly reducing the margin for human error and delays.

Mark Chapman, Elecosoft’s head of innovation, said: “This partnership is underpinned by deep industry knowledge and a commitment to our customers, from both sides.

“The combined power of the Asta Powerproject ecosystem – which helps teams plan reliably – and the insights and time-saving capabilities of Nodes & Links will be a genuine game-changer for project planning.

“Meanwhile, we are continuing to curate an ecosystem of industry partners and customer focussed emerging technology that is easier for customers to deploy, use and get fast results from.”

Greg Lawton, chief executive of Nodes & Links, added: “Our goal is to integrate AI assistants

into all parts of the scheduling process, covering planning, updating, analysing and reporting.

“[T]hen planners will be able directly to influence and lead their own teams of AI assistants so that additional expertise can be incorporated in the interpretation of real-time information. This is the first step in an exciting partnership that has the potential to re-invent planning and transform the industry.”

Over the next three years, as the partnership and technology advances, the partners clam that generative AI will support and enable project delivery teams to focus on high-value activities like strategy development, acceleration analysis, risk reduction and leadership.

Construction company BAM has become the first Elecosoft customer to take advantage of the partnership.

Ivor Barbrook, head of planning and project control at BAM UK & Ireland, said the company delivers hundreds of projects a year.

“Our objective is always to complete them faster, more reliably, and at a reduced cost – both financial and environmental,” he added. “This capability will have a transformative impact on our productivity, thanks to the intelligent interpretation and use of data, which is key to the planning and programming part of our business.

“Elecosoft and Nodes & Links are completely focused on the digital transformation of the construction industry, which aligns well with our mission at BAM. This partnership is a big step forward for us and for the wider ecosystem.”

Image: amgun/Shutterstock

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