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PassiveLogic raises $34m for autonomous building platform

by Sion Geschwindt
PassiveLogic has secured $34m in Series B funding for its autonomous building platform from leading investors Addition and Keyframe

PassiveLogic, creator of the first fully autonomous building platform, has secured $34m (c.£24.9m) in Series B funding from leading investors Addition and Keyframe.

Funding also came from commercial real estate strategics, including RET Ventures, Brookfield Growth, and Era Ventures from the US, and Europe’s largest prop-tech VC firm, A/O PropTech.

PassiveLogic’s software environment, Autonomy Studio, allows users to build models by simply drawing.

The software then generates a physics-based digital twin, in a new description language called Quantum.

A successor to traditional deep learning, Quantum provides virtual analogs to real-world objects, powered by the company’s physics-based artificial intelligence technology.

This enables real-world objects to understand their behaviour and interactions and learn in place while operating in real time.

These applications deploy within PassiveLogic’s control hardware, the Hive, a scalable automation platform.

Hive controllers work together within a building to provide an edge platform for sensors, equipment, and IoT, allowing whole-building control without requiring cloud connectivity.

Troy Harvey, PassiveLogic CEO, explains: “Buildings are the world’s most complex systems, a problem that increases as buildings become ‘smart’.

“We’ve built a platform that tames increasing complexity and addresses the growing technology needs of the built environment.

“At PassiveLogic, our core focus is to redefine how people participate in the design, build, operation, and maintenance of complex systems.”

Todd Arfman of Addition, commented: “PassiveLogic’s platform has unique capabilities to generate a digital twin of a building and utilize new autonomous technologies, machine learning and easily configurable software to help streamline the implementation and management of building controls systems.

“We’re thrilled to double down and continue our investment in PassiveLogic to modernise today’s building infrastructure and connectivity.”

Benjamin Birnbaum, Partner at Keyframe, added: “The version of ‘machine learning’ in today’s building automation applications lack effective data controls.

“With PassiveLogic’s solution, we finally have the opportunity to leverage more powerful technology to make an impact in the building market, which accounts for 39 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions.

“We are excited to be a part of this funding round to bring a first of its kind solution to the building sector – one that has been starved of innovation far too long.”

Image credit: PassiveLogic

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