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PERI breaks ground on US’ largest 3D printed building

by Sion Geschwindt
PERI breaks ground on US' largest 3D printed building

PERI, along with CIVE as general contractor and architects HANNAH as main project partner, has started constructing what will be the largest 3D printed residential building in the US once complete.

The house will also take the title of the first 3D printed 2-story building ever constructed in the US.

While the US and Canada have seen several 3D printed buildings in recent years, in the US all of these have been single-story buildings.

In market terms +50% of all constructed single-family homes in the US are in fact 2 stories or more, underlining the importance of 3D construction printing to go higher.

This week, nidus3D in Canada accomplished that as they revealed the first 2-story 3D printed building finished in Canada. In both projects a BOD2 3D construction printer from COBOD was used.

3D printed building

Hachem Domloj, CIVE President, said: “Collectively, we’re changing the way our country builds, and paving the way for more affordable housing, higher structural integrity, and faster building capabilities.”

The 4,000-square foot project uses a hybridised construction method that combines concrete 3D printing with wood framing.

PERI says this approach allows the two material systems to be used strategically and aims to increase the applicability of 3D printing in the US, where framing is the one of the most common construction techniques.

Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic, of HANNAH, added: “The project also highlights the exciting design potential of customised architectural components to meet homeowner’s needs and to simplify building system integration.

“These design efforts aim to increase the impact, applicability, sustainability, and cost efficiency of 3D printing for future residential and multi-family buildings in the US”.

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The building design is conceptualised as a series of printed cores that contain functional spaces and stairs. The spatial cores are connected by wood framing to produce an architectural alternation of concrete and framed interiors.

“We are incredibly proud to not only showcase the possibilities of the BOD2 3D construction printer but also our extensive know-how in planning, engineering and printing on this project, which is the seventh and largest one we printed so far,” said Fabian Meyer-Broetz, CEO of PERI 3D Construction.

“We are convinced that it will set new standards from a design as well as printing execution perspective and underlines our role as the forerunner for this new construction technique,” he added.

Using COBOD BOD2 printers, PERI has completed six projects in Europe and in the US including the first 3D printed home in Germany and Europe’s largest 3D printed apartment building.

Image credit: PERI

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