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As an architect or builder have you considered handing over a building with real time, remote legionella compliance management capability already installed, adding greater value to your client whilst increasing your own profit?

Are you aware that this will also ensure that your projects have greater environmental awareness and reduce carbon footprint throughout its lifetime?  

Then meet GUARDIAN® – a ‘must have’ remote IoT technology designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Plexus Innovation.

GUARDIAN® brings significant business improvements, detecting many issues in buildings not otherwise possible, across many sectors including care, social housing, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

Although GUARDIAN® can be installed at any time, it is an ideal time to fit the hardware during build or renovation in bathrooms, heating systems, pipework, and water systems. It is also ideal for use in built in cold store facilities.

Monitoring real-time data while reducing risk, water waste, energy consumption and relieving pressure on human time, GUARDIAN® is a fabulous IoT product to build into refit plans and architectural designs.

And if there is an environmental saving aspect to the construction brief, you will bring a previously unthought of solution to your client.

This solution adds great value to your clients as GUARDIAN® does much more including identifying taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets, enabling early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis. A real plus point and confidence builder on both sides when handing over a finished project to the owners.

GUARDIAN® also helps to protect people from risk of legionella, much needed if a building is going to be empty for a period before its intended end use.

Plexus Innovation managing director, Ian Murray, said: “We are excited to partner with experts in the commercial construction sector who care about the safety, cost efficiency and environmental performance of projects beyond the handover to their clients.

“To bring these extra benefits with a renovation or new build is an excellent way of improving your own financial performance and your reputation as a company that cares about the future usability of your projects on many levels.

“To help your clients benefit from cost savings, protection from a number of risks and reduce the environmental footprint of the building from day one, should prove to be a smart move.”

To find out more and discuss how to best include GUARDIAN® in your projects please contact / / 0191 9223969

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