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Q-Bot is a ‘Queen’s Award for Innovation’ winning developer of intelligent systems to inspect, monitor and maintain the health of buildings using Robotics and AI.

Robotic under-floor insulation

Q-Bot developed the first affordable, ECO3 funded solution to retrofit insulation to suspended floors. Verified by the Energy Savings Trust and fully accredited by BBA, PAS and TrustMark, Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation is a non-intrusive energy efficiency measure that increases SAP scores, eliminates draughts, cuts carbon emissions, improves thermal comfort and reduces heating costs (Average savings of £150/yr).

Q-Bot uses powerful robot to remotely apply insulation to the underside of suspended floors. The robot is inserted under the floor through a small opening, surveys the void and condition of the floor, applies a spray foam to the underside of the floorboards, and verifies the area and depth of insulation applied.

You can view the robot in action here.

(photo by Andy Aitchison / Q-Bot)

Digital Twin

Using an easy to use mobile app combined with the latest digital infrastructure and an optional 3D scanning system, Q-Bot can build detailed digital multi-dimensional plans and records of buildings, their condition and needs.

These records can be used to reduce the cost of maintenance, planned upgrades, compliance procurement, reporting of repairs and Asset Management. Q-Bot’s technology includes a range of services as per 3D stock condition surveys, fire safety plans, whole house retrofit plans and bespoke Digital Twin solutions.

Q-Bot envisions a world without trade-offs between providing a warm, healthy home, and protecting the environment – and for underfloor insulation that means working through a network of highly successful, high quality Approved Installation Partners. Having proved the market, Q-Bot is now supporting, growing and developing its network.  

Get it touch if you are interested in partnership with Q-Bot.

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