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Ramirent pilots digital construction equipment ‘rental centre’

by Sion Geschwindt
Ramirent pilots digital construction equipment 'rental centre'

Finland-based equipment rental service provider, Ramirent, is piloting a new app and rental system that establishes a digital ‘rental centre’ on construction sites.

The solution, RamiShare, looks to increase the sustainability and productivity of the construction process.

Ramirent’s pilot project is designed for construction sites in need of rental equipment of a certain size and scope, and the whole concept is now being tested for the first time by LAB Entreprenør AS at the new County Hall in Bergen, Norway.

The rental machinery will be placed at a fixed location on the construction site where Ramirent has previously investigated which type of equipment will be most in demand during the construction period. This gives customers access to customised equipment directly onsite.  

This solution eliminates almost all rental transportation in and out of the construction site, the company said.

Ramirent’s CC Rental Manager, explains: “Here the machines are available when they are needed, and there is no need for as many machines to do the job as before, as more people will share the same equipment.”

Image credit: Ramirent

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