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Resonai, which turns buildings into digital assets, secures $30m

by Sion Geschwindt
Resonai, which turns buildings into digital assets, secures $30m

Israeli startup Resonai, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to create digital twins of commercial real estate, has raised $20m (£17.3m) in a Series A Extension funding round.

The new funding brings the startup’s total Series A funding to $30m (£26m).

Investors in the round include Meitav-Dash, Blue Square Israel, and Irani Ventures.

The company plans to use the fresh funding to further develop and expand its proprietary ‘Vera’ platform, and to grow its operations throughout the US, Asian and European markets.

Vera, Resonai’s core platform, helps building owners and operators turn their properties into new ‘digital assets’ through the integration of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and augmented reality (AR).

Emil Alon, Resonai founder and CEO, said: “All over the world, commercial real estate owners and operators are faced with the reality that their portfolios and traditional business models are under pressure and that their survival is increasingly threatened by broad shifts in society and consumer behaviour toward more modern, hybrid, digital ways of living and working.

“At Resonai, our mission is to cultivate a new kind of built environment that can thrive in this rapidly changing world. We do this by empowering commercial real estate owners and operators to transform their physical properties into operationally efficient, intelligent digital assets that enable innovative experiences and create new data-driven revenue models.”

Integrating computer vision with indoor mapping and location tracking services, Vera creates an intelligent digital twin of any commercial building.

This digital twin then serves as an operating system for a wide variety of applications aimed at improving operations and deploying engaging consumer experiences while also opening up new, non-traditional revenue streams.

Vera also serves as a tool for property and facility managers, allowing them to visualise and access their buildings remotely.

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