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Scotland’s Eco to showcase recycled glass building solution

by Mark Cantrell
Eddie Black, managing director of Eco, outside the company's HQ in Annan, Dumfries & Galloway

A company in Scotland is all set to present a low carbon building product made of recycled glass, it claims will help tackle the UK’s housing crisis.

Eco, based in its self-built HQ at Annan in Dumfries & Galloway, is to showcase its invention – VASO Build Solutions – at BE-ST’s low carbon built environment festival, which takes place at Hamilton International Technology Park on 1 November.

Panels manufactured from recycled glass are used to create buildings, which Eco claims will provide affordable, low carbon homes, with lower energy costs to run.

The company says its product has the makings of a solution for social landlords as well as private housebuilders, and is “ideal” for commercial buildings.

Eddie Black, Eco’s managing director, said: “Given the massive problems that housing shortages across the UK are causing, it’s our duty to look at new sustainable solutions to these urgent challenges to meet both immediate and longer term needs.

“This circular innovation will create a new build system and building modules with scalable manufacturing, providing large amounts of housing quickly and sustainably where it is most required.”

Eco’s innovation is one of only six initiatives to be selected for support on the Circular & Sustainable Materials Accelerator, which is being established by Scotland’s construction innovation centre, BE-ST.

Eco’s new build system and building modules uses circular processes and advanced materials, with the aim to reduce the cost of living in new builds as well as being fast to deploy as a retro-fit solution in existing buildings.

Black added: “We are delighted this innovation has been chosen by BE-ST for this support and look forward to working with those on the accelerator to help make this yet another game-changing innovation from Scotland.

“It’s also a solution which will create green economy jobs – helping young people gain new skills, apprenticeships and reskilling others to create new career opportunities.”

Eco’s group opportunity strategist, Gary Robertson has also been invited to present the innovation at the BE-ST event, which is looking at how businesses can break through barriers to accelerate society’s journey to zero carbon.

Robertson said: “Our ambition at Eco is to make a profound and positive difference in people’s lives and have a significant, sustainable global impact.

“We are committed to being at the forefront of the net zero revolution and, working in collaboration with businesses and other organisations, creating a legacy, which will make a difference now and for generations to come.”

Main image: Eddie Black, managing director of Eco. Credit: Jenny Woolgar Photography

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