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Scottish biomass and timber specialist invests £100,000 in new treatment plant

by Liam Turner
GMG Energy treated wooden posts

A company in the far north-east of Scotland has completed an investment that it says will give local construction companies and farm businesses access to vital resources without the necessity of clocking up huge supply chain mileages.

Sustainable biomass supplier and timber products specialist GMG Energy has installed, at a cost in excess of £100,000, a new preservation chamber that will supply locally manufactured wood to enterprises that require treated and stress-tested products.

The Sutherland-based firm’s 5,500 gallon vessel handles more than 440 cubic feet of timber in each three-and-a-half hour treatment session.

The business says the vessel enhances its current annual output of 70,630 cubic feet of timber product.

The new treatment vessel is fully automated, having a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based control system that controls the pumps and pneumatically actuated valves.

A WiFi enabled desktop computer interface enables to operator to start, stop, and monitor the process.

It also enables remote access for system upgrades.

GMG Energy owns the intellectual property for the system.

Malcolm Morrison, director of GMG Energy, said: “Until now, local concerns which needed this type of timber product have had to order from suppliers who, in some cases, were hundreds of miles away.

“The vessel is enclosed within an existing building to enhance safe operation and a bund ensures that any accidental spillage will be contained.

“The vessel is loaded with wood and the door closed – it is first subjected to a vacuum which opens up the pores of the wood.

“The vessel is then filled with an aqueous solution of preserving agent and pressurised – this suffuses the wood with the agent which will prevent deterioration for many years.”

The new facility is the latest initiative by GMG Energy as it invests “heavily” to reduce its carbon footprint and its reliance on fossil fuels.

The firm recently spent in excess of £70,000 to install a 100-panel solar array on the roof of its main production shed which will, in time, be its primary source of energy.

Image: GMG Energy treated wooden posts

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