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Scottish contractor launches working group to promote female leadership

by Sion Geschwindt
Scottish contractor launches working group to promote female leadership

City Building, one of Scotland’s largest construction firms, has launched a new working group set up to encourage more women into leadership roles. 

The programme, Gender Equality in the Workplace, will focus on creating a pathway into leadership for female employees across the business. 

Led by Chair Lynsey Chambers, the working group will take the next step towards boosting female representation at all levels within City Building.

The company said that although they already recruit ten times the industry standard of female apprentices, they aim to support the development of female employees into future senior roles.  

Closing the gender pay gap

Lynsey Chambers, Apprentice Training Manager at City Building, said: “We have found that whilst recruiting women into the construction industry can be difficult, the real challenge and where the most impact can be made is within promoting women into positions of leadership.  

“Progression is a much longer-term challenge when looking to address the gender pay gap and this group will be tasked with researching and recommending the changes needed to tackle any barriers in place for women within our industry. 

“Our group is made up of women from every area of the business, from front-line tradespeople to Designers and Quantity Surveyors, ensuring that this is not a top-down move but more to understand real life experiences – where we are all working together to make City Building the best it can be. 

“Ultimately, we hope to create a pathway for female leaders into the senior management team and build a succession plan to encourage a steady stream of the hard-working and talented women within City Building. 

“City Building is proud of our role in developing a more inclusive business which attracts women from all across the country.” 

One of the drivers of the gender pay gap is that women are not progressing in the workplace as fully as their talents would allow. 

The group will examine the current procedures and behaviours through a series of interviews with colleagues across the business.

The group will then make recommendations which will form the basis of an action plan for the Executive Management Team to implement across the business. 

Alan Burns, Executive Director of City Building, welcomed the group by saying: “I am very proud to see this new group launched and very much share their ambition of seeing more women achieve their potential within City Building. 

“Whilst we are market leaders within the construction industry, in terms of female employees, we know there is still much to be done to fully realise the potential of a more gender diverse company.” 

Image: Participants Hazel Smith, Lynsey Scott, Karen Fleming, Robyn Doyle, Karen Morton, Shona Gibbons, Shelley McGill and Lynsey Chambers at the launch of the first meeting.

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