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Siemens unveils digital twin grid-management software

by Liam Turner
An electricity pylon

Tech and energy firm Siemens has introduced new digital-twin-capable software to help with the active management of low-voltage distribution grids.

As an industry first, the company today presented its newly developed LV Insights X software, part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, which enables distribution grid operators (DSO) to tackle the challenge of significantly increasing grid capacity while grids are already pushed to their limits.

Grids are at high capacity due to the increase of decentralised renewable energy infeed and additional consumers such as EV chargers or heat pumps.

To avoid power grids from becoming the bottleneck of the energy transition, utilities need to increase their grid capacity and actively manage the low-voltage grid.

Siemens says LV Insights X empowers grid operators to gain full transparency over the low-voltage level of the grid, reduce outage times by up to 30%, and increase grid capacity by identifying critical segments.

The software lets DSOs create and manage complete low-voltage grid models automatically and with significantly reduced effort, Siemens says, and allows them to leverage data to make more effective decisions.

Ultimately, they can create a digital twin of the distribution grid with already existing data.

Siemens says the new software paves the way for adaptable and scalable low-voltage grid management.

Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO of Siemens Grid Software, said: “Low-voltage grids can become a trailblazer on our path to net-zero.

“But only if we deploy software to increase the capacity of the existing grids quickly.

“That’s why we are extremely proud to launch LV Insights X.

“As an industry first, this software enables utilities to actively manage low-voltage grids to gain speed for transforming the overall energy system, make maximum use of the existing infrastructure, and ultimately shape the energy transition.”

Siemens says a digital twin of a low-voltage grid can be created by integrating data from various sources – e.g., geographical information systems (GIS), Meter Data Management (MDM) systems, and Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS).

The complete grid topology and all information on the near-real-time grid status become visible and can be monitored via a browser-based user-centric graphical interface.

Developed as part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, LV Insights X is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Image credit: Lisa-S/Shutterstock

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