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Sika and PERI invest in construction robotics startup MESH

by Sion Geschwindt
Sika and PERI invest in construction robotics startup MESH

Swiss chemical giant, Sika, and formwork and scaffolding manufacturer, PERI Group, are investing in a Swiss robotic arm startup called MESH AG.

The startup has invented what it says is the world’s first robot-assisted technology capable of creating reinforced concrete structures without using conventional formwork.

MESH Technology can be used for customised concrete structures for the production of complex forms for the building industry. The technology can also be used to structurally optimise conventional concrete structures. 

Thomas Imbacher, managing director of PERI SE, said: “Mesh technology is still a young technology that we have been driving forward together in recent years.

“We believe in the potential in various fields of concrete construction and are looking forward to developing this construction method together in the long term.”

The technology was developed through ten years of intensive research at ETH Zurich.

The first major use of MESH Technology was on the DFAB House, a three-story building in New York City.

Philippe Jost, Head Construction, Sika, added: “Increasing digitalisation and automation is getting more important in the construction industry. Innovative technologies enable productivity increases in construction and open up new, individual design possibilities for architects.”

The financial terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Image credit: MESH AG

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