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Simulation-based digital twin developed in South Korea

by Liam Turner
FUKUI will leverage the Bentley iTwin platform to augment its own cloud-based data-sharing service.

A South Korean software company has developed a simulation-based digital twin, which it says will help accelerate the development of ‘smart cities’.

E8IGHT is delivering its NDX Pro platform to major cities around the world that are actively embarking engaging with digital transformation and the development of smart cities.

The digital twin is a key innovative technology of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that represents physical objects or space in a virtual environment, which enables verification and prediction through simulation.

The technology can be applied to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, aviation, healthcare, energy, and national defense.

NDX Pro will soon be applied to the smart city pilot projects of Sejong Smart City, Busan Eco Delta City, and other major pilot projects.

Using the WebGL-based 3D visualisation viewer, the platform enables those involved to check the simulation results and visualize various digital assets in 3D.

How it works

NDX Pro is based on NFLOW, E8IGHT’s independently developed simulation software.

NFLOW, which uses a meshless simulation method, can predict and simulate complex physical phenomena, such as the flow of water, air, and fine dust.

The software can do the same for free surface flow by utilisting its particle-level interpretation capability.

Furthermore, NFLOW can learn data using its modeling-based simulation capability and make proactive predictions while conventional machine learning software depends on data collected and processed through ICT and the Internet of Things.

Commenting on the development, E8IGHT CEO Jin Kim said: “E8IGHT pursues its mission ‘We Digitalize, Simulate, and Present the Flow’ through simulation software.

“We are doing our best to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by innovating technologies for easier, faster, more flexible, and more efficient digital transformation.”​

E8IGHT is currently conducting a pilot project to create a digital twin for the renewable energy transition in Ireland, as part of the Global New Software Launching Program by the NIPA (Korean National IT Industry Promotion Agency).

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