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Sinay and 3D CityScapes partner to create digital twins for seaports

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Tech companies Sinay and 3D CityScapes are teaming up to create hyper realistic digital twins for ports and the maritime industry.

3D CityScapes uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to create digital twins and now, in partnership with Sinay, will design these for seaports.

3D CityScapes will take the large datasets collected from Sinay’s port sensor network and display this information on an immersive interactive 3D digital ‘twin’ platform.

The visual platform will enable port authorities to see, in real-time, exactly what is happening throughout the entire port. 

Salman Hussain, director of digital experience at 3D CityScapes, said: “This partnership will create living, breathing digital ports.

“A Digital Twin shows you all your moving pieces in real-time, allowing you to effectively manage and proactively prepare and problem solve any challenges that you foresee.” 

With this technology, port authorities can run simulations and anticipate key challenges, as well as implement changes quickly to prevent potential issues.

Raza Jafri, founder and CEO of 3D CityScapes, said: “For the people that work in operations, it is very important to share real-time information with each other. This does not just increase efficiency, but it can actually save lives.

“We understand that the decisions we make today can impact our future.

“This is an ideal time for seaports to recalibrate in the direction that they want to go, and by using the latest technology, hopefully we can help make these transitions much more seamless.”

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