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SIRADEL launches digital twin that maps climate risks in cities

by Sion Geschwindt

French 3D visualisation specialist SIRADEL has launched its ‘Urban Climate Resilience Toolkit’ to help cities better anticipate and tackle climate change risks.

The toolkit is based on the firm’s digital twin software. Firstly, it allows user to carry out a “triple diagnosis” of the territory in question, taking into account the presence of vegetation, heat islands of heat or coolness as well as the index of vulnerability to heat waves.

The second step consists of determining the areas to be revegetated and dewatering as a priority, then calculating the impacts on the environment and quality of life.

Finally, climate simulations make it possible to measure the impact of urban development projects while considering the latest warming hypotheses, so cities can adapt and plan their public policies according to their climate action goals.

By offering a clear vision of a city’s climate change situation, the toolkit – composed of three customisable solutions already deployed in several cities – is billed as a valuable decision-making tool in planning and implementing urban sustainability action plans.

Christophe Papin, smart solutions director at SIRADEL, said: “These solutions have been developed to help stakeholders in charge of land development, but also landowners or real estate asset managers to make their assets more resilient to climate change. They are easily customisable to take into account the characteristics of each territory and the associated needs.”

SIRADEL hopes that the new tool will help build a more resilient cities where biodiversity, human well-being and urban infrastructures are “all protected and enriched”.

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