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SNC-Lavalin launches building decarbonisation tool

by Sion Geschwindt
SNC-Lavalin launches building decarbonisation tool

SNC-Lavalin has launched the ‘Decarbonomics’ tool to provide clients with a complete carbon assessment of their entire building estate.

Decarbonomics integrates information on building services, engineering design, asset management, project management, cost consulting, data analytics, and data visualisations onto one dashboard.

It is based on a three-step approach of benchmarking, road mapping, and delivery of an organisation’s decarbonisation programme:

  • Benchmark: develop a carbon baseline
  • Roadmap: design a cost-effective carbon reduction pathway
  • Deliver: implement carbon reduction solutions

SNC-Lavalin describes it as a tool to decarbonise the built environment in a cost-effective way and accelerate the global journey to net zero.

Ian Edwards, president and CEO, SNC-Lavalin: “Creating the net zero communities of the future relies, in part, on effective decarbonisation of existing assets.

“Decarbonomics is a concrete example of how we can help clients meet their net zero targets and is in line with our comprehensive ‘Engineering Net Zero’ approach.

“We provide sustainable solutions by connecting people, data and technology in partnership with clients such as the UK government Property Agency, delivering decarbonisation for its 450-building portfolio.” 

The three-step approach is underpinned by Carbon Data Insights, a mix of global open-source benchmark databases as well as SNC-Lavalin’s own building data library.

Stuart McLaren, the Decarbonomics development director at SNC-Lavalin, added: “Decarbonomics is founded on the principle of systems thinking and brings our diverse expertise and knowledge of the built environment and buildings together in a way that enables us to make carbon visible at the portfolio level.

“This empowers our clients to make much more informed decisions about their investments in decarbonisation.”

Image credit: SNC-Lavalin

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