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Snøhetta unveils design for ‘elevated garden’ innovation hub in Bangkok

by Sion Geschwindt

Snøhetta, in collaboration with A49 Architects, has unveiled designs for a mixed-use development in Bangkok.

In the firm’s most extensive project in Asia to date, the Cloud 11 development will cover 250,000 sq.metres in the upcoming CyberTech district of South Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

Designed for Thai property developer MQDC, the project is described by the team as “a hub for innovation and tech companies in the city and provide the area with a large, green public space and spaces for artists, makers, and tech entrepreneurs.”

In addition to a series of pocket parks, the project will house the largest elevated garden in Bangkok. Described by the designers as an “urban lung,” the park doubles as both a calming space for users and a response to the city’s ecological challenges including air pollution and lack of green space.

Image by: MIR
Image by: MIR

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Founding Partner of Snøhetta, said: “We have had the opportunity to not only create a building, but a new neighborhood in the center of Bangkok.

“An urban artifact providing a thriving place for culture and creation and green public spaces that will improve the quality of life for people living in the South Sukhumvit area.

“With an increasing number of people moving into urban areas, it is crucial to develop communities fit to accommodate the needs of the future cities in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally.”

The project’s landscaping strategy includes the treatment of water in an adjacent canal, publicized to create an educational display on the importance of ecological repair. Meanwhile, small areas of soil and vegetation are spread along different locations through the site to create a continuous ecological corridor to attract other species and enhance the site’s biodiversity.

Image by: MIR
Image by: MIR

Inside, the scheme will house several restaurants operating from a centralised kitchen, a gym, two hotels, and a series of retail outlets. Cultural offerings will include a library, educational venues, and flexible workspaces, accessed through a circulation network ranging from “village-like alleys” to streets, plazas, and escalators.

Mr. Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director of Cloud 11, said: “I am confident that Cloud 11 will set a new standard for a project that responds effectively to the needs of innovators, local communities, and future generations to come.

“Guided by MQDC’s vision of ‘For all well-being,’ we also ensure that Cloud 11’s design meets the requirements of the future generations by enhancing Southeast Asia’s innovation ecosystem and creating more jobs for the nation and raise the quality of life for the local communities.”

Construction has already started, and the project is expected to complete towards the end of 2024.

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