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Startup raises over £1.5m to digitise construction-waste tracking

by Liam Turner
a female architect

The startup behind a solution that digitises the tracking of construction waste has raised £1.7m in funding.

13% of all materials used in construction go directly to waste, something Qualis Flow, the company behind the innovative solution, wants to address.

Qflow automates how materials and waste can be tracked and managed directly on site and uses machine learning to provide real-time alerts to engineering teams.

Qualis Flow says this system also helps bring transparency and clarity to investors and developers. 

Commenting on the development, CEO Brittany Harris, who co-founded the Bath-based company with Jade Cohen, said: “We have a vision of a construction industry that uses only the resources it needs in the most efficient way possible – delivering a built environment that meets the needs of society without compromising future generations.”

The funding is led by Green Angel Syndicate, with PiLabs, Groundbreak, Swiss Immo Lab, and Vala Capital.

Qualis Flow says the money will help grow its 17-strong team.

The next phase in Qflow’s development will focus on integrating with BIM and other digital tools to verify design and ensure companies are building what they set out to.

The startup says its UK clients are planning to deploy Qflow across Central Europe and Australia.

Bernardo Delarue Bizzini, investment associate at Swiss Immo Lab, said: “Qflow has built an elegantly simple solution that addresses clear pain points not only for workers on construction sites but also for the back-office of construction companies.

“We believe that Qflow is strategically positioned to make construction not only more efficient but also more sustainable.

“Swiss Immo Lab is thrilled to join Qflow in this journey.”

Image: LOOKSLIKEPHOTO.COM/Shutterstock

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