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Subsurface imaging firm Exodigo expands into UK

by Liam Turner
Exodigo working Colas Rail in Birmingham as part of its initial UK project

Non-intrusive subsurface imaging firm Exodigo has announced its expansion into the UK market, as well as the completion of an initial project with Colas Rail, one of the largest UK civil engineering firms.

Appointing Trevor Moore as UK director to build its team and lead relationships with engineering, transportation, and infrastructure leaders, Exodigo says it will “spearhead transformational change” in the UK.

With over 25 years of experience at UK surveying firms, Moore most recently served as associate director at Murphy Geospatial.

Following the completion of several large capital projects in the United States and Israel, Exodigo said it “proved its value” for the UK market with Colas Rail.

Alejandro Moreno, Business Development director Urban & New Business of Colas Rail Ltd, said: “We look forward to employing Exodigo’s technology in our current and future capital projects to ensure safe and timely project delivery.”

Supporting the Birmingham Midland Metro Extension project, Colas Rail used Exodigo’s technology to scan and map a project in Birmingham for part of a light rail expansion that will connect to the Curzon Street HS2 Station.

The Colas Rail team was encountering uncharted services that were not noted on any existing surveys or records, but was able to detect over 280 below ground utility lines (including 51 previously unknown lines) with Exodigo.

Hamish Falconer, project manager on the rail extension for Colas Rail, said: “Excavating around buried services is one of our biggest risks, and the stat plans provided by statutory undertakers are in large part inaccurate.

“Exodigo’s surveys provide us with much more reliable data that can then be used to select safer excavation techniques around known services.”

Image: Exodigo working Colas Rail in Birmingham as part of its initial UK project

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