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Swiss researchers launch hyperloop digital twin

by Sion Geschwindt

Researchers from Swiss non-profit research organisation EuroTube Foundation have launched a new digital platform that allows the simulation of hyperloop transport systems.

The ‘digital twin’ has been designed to simulate the impacts of hyperloop transport in an existing transport environment, to inform and optimise the design process.

The twin covers both transport demand simulations as well as the energy and resource consumption of building and operating the infrastructure.

EuroTube says the platform can help traffic planners, logistics companies, rail and airport operators to comprehensively assess the benefits and business cases for including hyperloop in their operations.

Initial studies calculated with the digital twin show that a hyperloop system could significantly reduce the number of flights needed and save a lot of emissions in the process.

Dr. Lorenzo Benedetti, research and development director at EuroTube, said: “We took the digital twin approach to take the guesswork out of the planning of hyperloop infrastructure.

“With more and more data available now, we can assess the business cases and environmental benefits of hyperloop infrastructures.”

Hyperloop is a high-speed and rail-guided transport system that is being developed by several companies across the globe. By travelling in a vacuum, hyperloop enables ultra-fast travel at airplane speeds of 1000 km/h.

Image credit: EuroTube

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