A digital communication tool built for on-site project teams

SymTerra is a digital communication tool built for on-site project teams. Gain real-time visibility and project assurance across your business.

No more paper forms. No more endless email chains. No more unmanageable WhatsApp groups.

How does SymTerra answer an unmet need?

SymTerra is set to resolve a unified pain-point across all construction sites: poor communication.

Construction is one of the last industries to shake off analogue methods, and today, if you asked 100 random people on a site, they would all give you a different status report. This absent or incorrect information contributes to delays and cost impact aside, is a major cause of stress for those on site.

SymTerra’s communication platform allows easy, instant, and intuitive communication across multiple contractors to the same project. Clients, contractors and subcontractors can now document works via images and video, cross reference assets and activities, and share information instantly with who they need to.

Today, SymTerra is used by over 125 companies from across the construction and infrastructure sector, working across 150 UK-wide projects. SymTerra’s client portfolio includes Thames Water, MTREL, Cambridge University, Kier, Balfour Beatty and Transport for London.

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