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TES-EUROPE chooses BricsCAD to design routes for transporting wind turbines

by Maryam Bint-Kazam
TES-EUROPE chooses BricsCAD to design routes for transporting wind turbines

Bricsys has announced that TES-EUROPE, a specialist in the planning, engineering and execution of transportation, has chosen BricsCAD to power its logistics projects in France.

The height of wind turbines has become increasingly taller to deliver higher megawatts and meet the growing demand of clean-energy solutions.

This has resulted in the length of the transportation convoys growing from the current average of 60m to 90m.

Moving a vehicle convoy of this size requires a detailed survey of the planned route, with detailed attention to the arrival point at the site of installation, so the blade can be offloaded in the best position for assembly.

TES-EUROPE needed to bolster its approach to designing the most practical routes which ensure the turbines arrive at the installation sites without incidence or damage.

TES-EUROPE AutoTURN, powered by BricsCAD®, supports the successful manoeuvre of turbine convoys across roadways and landscapes.

AutoTURN is the leading swept-path analysis and turning-simulation software for vehicles; TES-EUROPE uses AutoTURN to optimise its mission-critical routes and itineraries, identify the need for bypasses or temporary road developments, and define the exact path followed at the installation site.

BricsCAD®, is the Computer Aided Design (CAD) engine that powers AutoTURN; it is also the ideal tool for TES-Europe to design bypasses, custom road developments or landscaping at the site of installation.

Jimmy Hoarau, project manager at TES-EUROPE, commented: “By choosing AutoTURN and BricsCAD, we have significantly reduced the risks and costs involved with transporting huge wind-turbine blades.

“Moving anything of the scale of a wind turbine is a complex task and meticulous planning is needed to ensure the impact on other people and the environment is minimal.

“That is why we’ve chosen BricsCAD design software to take care of the route so we can focus on delivering services of incredible value to our wind energy clients.”

Benoit Fouchard, business development manager at Bricsys, commented: “It’s an honor to be chosen as a trusted delivery partner for TES-EUROPE, a business with a true commitment to sustainability at its core.

“As clean energy solutions become increasingly sophisticated, so does the construction and transportation of those solutions and our accurate, open-source software takes some of the headache out of that process.”

TES-EUROPE purchased AutoTURN and BricsCAD®, from Graph Land, a reseller for both brands in the French market in October 2021.

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