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TCW has revolutionised how all levels of Housing Providers interact with essential data to see risk more clearly. With the launch of our new features, this now means we cover the Big 6 compliance disciplines in the same way we can manage any other legal obligations you have. 

And, when we say more than the Big 6, we mean more! This includes Smoke and Fire Management, Emergency Lighting, PAT, Invoicing, DDA documents … the list goes on. TCW can be applied to anything and results can be gleaned in minutes!

With 10,000s of documents passing through the software each week, TCW provides comprehensive validation, accurate data analytics and powerful insights to manage budgets and lifecycle obligations. 

Simply put:

You provide the input; any digital PDF, from any compliance discipline.

TCW then:

  • Extracts all data without the use of OCR or human intervention, which can be achieved in minutes!
  • Checks all essential data alongside regulations and client-specific requirements, tailoring the software to your specific requirements and ensure the reports cover the information important to you.
  • Provides the output; 
    • knowledge and facts, previously impossible to glean, that help inform and guide your lifecycle planning and decision-making. Improving both efficiency and safety of your assets.
    • a continuous monitoring process. Assets are flagged red when a clients Corporate Risk Profile increases due to the information they received from the workforce/contractors.
    • a single searchable location for all compliance Certificates and Reports, produced by any Certificating tool.

All of this achieved without disturbing your current workflows. TCW retrofits into current systems – quickly and easily, providing a significant Return On Investment as soon as you start to use the software.

There is no other software that can provide the same level of knowledge – bold statement we know!

Let’s show you what we mean with this ‘In-Real-Time Inside Look’ into our innovative solution:

Turning Information into Insight

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