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The Hub’s Value Toolkit is a ‘game changer for construction’

by Sion Geschwindt
The Hub's Value Toolkit is a 'game changer for construction'

Last week, the Construction Innovation Hub announced the completion of the Value Toolkit, following a development programme with over 200 industry partners.

The government-funded toolkit is a suite of tools to embed value-based decision-making in the built environment sector.

These ‘values’ include whole-life considerations around net-zero, user experience, productivity, and social impact.

A new BSI flex standard to underpin value-based decision-making in the sector has also been launched.

Set to achieve the ambitions of the Construction Playbook and the IPA’s Transforming Infrastructure Performance Roadmap, the Value Toolkit empowers clients and policymakers to work with their supply chains to make better-informed decisions.

The ambition is now for widespread adoption, driven by government and underpinned by industry.

‘A game changer’

Keith Waller, programme director at the Construction Innovation Hub, said: “This is a landmark moment for the Hub and our industry partners, and a gamec hanger for construction and the built environment.

“The Toolkit delivers a laser-like focus on project outcomes that delivers value beyond the bottom line, and positively affect communities and those who live in them for decades to come.

“It will ensure a more collaborative relationship between clients and suppliers throughout the whole life of a project”.

Andy Mitchell, co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) added: “For far too long now we have talked cost with little or no reference to value; we have talked outputs not outcomes. 

“The Value Toolkit seeks to see an end to this by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that will help clients and suppliers alike develop a real understanding of what is actually important as we specify, design and deliver infrastructure for people and society.”

The completion of the Value Toolkit was celebrated at an event held at the Institution of Civil Engineers on Monday 20 June 2022. A keynote address was given by Lee Rowley MP, Minister for Business and Industry.

Find out more about the Value Toolkit here.

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